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Reviewing Legal Agreement

Programme Terms and Conditions

Just a few things you need to know...

By registering to join any one or more of the coaching programmes offered by Auxanō Coaching you agree to:

Attendance & Punctuality 

- Attend all coaching sessions

- Attend all sessions at the agreed time. If you are unable to attend/running late contact your coach


- Communicate with your coach via whataspp chat and/or email only

- Respond to your coach and/or other programme members within a reasonable time and in a respectful manner

- Inform your coach and/or group members of any issues that may affect your ability to participate in the programme

- Main methods of communication will be via WhatsApp group chat and email. Contact your coach if you do not wish to be put in the group chat (where applicable).

Participation & Appropriate Behaviour 

- Fully participate with your coach and/or other programme members 

- Under no circumstances is any form of discrimination, harassment or any other form of abuse tolerated. You agree to treat your fellow programme members, your coach and any other individual you interact with via our programs with respect and dignity. Failure to do so may result in your place on the programme being removed. 


- Read our privacy policy here. 

- You are not permitted to share the personal details of your fellow programme without their explicit consent

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