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Still unsure about how Coaching can change your life? Read what our clients have to say about their coaching experience with Auxanō Coaching.


Finance Professional

Marthina’s coaching style is a great blend of tender & tough. She’s warm and receptive, and at the same time she’s firm enough to challenge your assumptions and call out ways of thinking that are not fruitful. One of my favourite parts of the program was her ability to hold my thoughts back up to myself which allowed me to view them more objectively. In my opinion, someone who has a specific area (or areas) in mind, in which they would like to improve would be the greatest beneficiary of a program like this. Week by week Marthina would walk me through my chosen problem area by asking thought provoking questions, and expertly analysing the answers that I gave. Not only did I leave the sessions feeling better, but I left with practical practices that would help me successfully navigate similar scenarios in the future.


Pre-Med Student

My experience with this accountability group was truly great. The Zoom meetings gave me an opportunity to hear the steps that my friends were taking to be more intentional with achieving their goals. It also gave me the chance to hear the struggles they were having. Hearing the struggles reassured me that I was not the only one struggling with achieving goals. Hearing the steps they were taking inspired me to get back up again and push on. Additionally, I appreciated the accountability partnership system that was set in place. It gave me the opportunity to have someone who would keep me in check weekly. As a result, I grew closer to my best friend.


SEO Officer & Christian Content Creator

From the onset, the structure of the program was listed out and Marthina was very flexible with my schedule. Marthina guided me through each goal I made as they were broad but through each session and given free rein to talk (the thinking rounds were amazing), this helped me make them specific to growing in myself as well as growing my Christian brand community. I also loved the fact Marthina was very honest and through the rapport that was built in the small time frame, you really felt you could open up and not feel judged and there was always something to work on after each session. I would a 100% recommend Auxano Coaching because the life coach is someone that truly is willing to be a great help to someone and this is seen in how Marthina is. Life coaching was something I never understood in great depth but after my coaching sessions with Auxano, I truly believe it is something to try

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